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Terms & Condition



1. Sign Up

1.1. So as to get to data on AUDYOGIK VYAVSAY PRASHIKSHAN MARGDARSAH SANSTHA(AVPMK.ORG) you have to Sign Up and make a record.

1.2. To buy/enlist for any course or to transfer talks or notes as an educator one needs to have a record.

1.3. While Sign Up, ensure all the data that you have given is valid and exact. This data will be accustomed to keeping up your record. On the off chance that any data gave by you will make any sort of damage us or anyone (counting yourself), you will be considered capable.

1.4. Every individual who signs up must be amazingly cautious with your secret word, to keep away from any sort of flaws, don't share your secret key.

1.5. You can end your record by basically erasing your record; by reaching our help Desk.

1.6. AUDYOGIK VYAVSAY PRASHIKSHAN MARGDARSAH SANSTHA(AVPMK.ORG) is completely approved and has all options to end your record if there should arise an occurrence of any defaults from your side.

1.7. If it's not too much trouble note, when your record is ended, it can't be denied, this implies your information will be cleared from our databases and if there is a continuous seminar for you that will likewise be ended. Try not to get in touch with us for discounts.

2. Educator Strategy

 2.1. One may turn into an educator with AVPMK Pass by basically pursuing a teacher's record.

 2.2. Each educator will have an agreement with AUDYOGIK VYAVSAY PRASHIKSHAN MARGDARSAH SANSTHA(AVPMK.ORG), whether or not he/she has Sign Up by means of any Franchisee or Partner.

2.3. Each teacher needs to appropriately fill in his certifications including his training subtleties and other business related subtleties. On the off chance that in any occurrence these subtleties are seen as defective, you will be boycotted from AUDYOGIK VYAVSAY PRASHIKSHAN MARGDARSAH SANSTHA(AVPMK.ORG).

 2.4. When you acquire a teacher, you should appropriately consent to an arrangement with AUDYOGIK VYAVSAY PRASHIKSHAN MARGDARSAH SANSTHA(AVPMK.ORG), which will plainly make reference to that no educator will be permitted to encroach with our Protected innovation Rights.

2.5. You are not permitted to post any sort of supremacist, misogynist, explicit, oppressive, against strict, fierce, deluding, slanderous data on the site.

2.6. AUDYOGIK VYAVSAY PRASHIKSHAN MARGDARSAH SANSTHA(AVPMK.ORG) is carefully an instructive site. NO sort of unseemly conduct with the understudies will be endured.

2.7. No teacher will utilize the administrations of AUDYOGIK VYAVSAY PRASHIKSHAN MARGDARSAH SANSTHA(AVPMK.ORG) for some other reasons other than mentoring, educating and instructional administrations to understudies.

2.8. Any maltreatment of AUDYOGIK VYAVSAY PRASHIKSHAN MARGDARSAH SANSTHA(AVPMK.ORG)'s assets will prompt end of your permit as a teacher.

2.9. Robbery is a wrongdoing, if there should arise an occurrence of theft of any substance on the site; you will undoubtedly confront lawful repercussions.

3. Discount Strategy

For no situation will AUDYOGIK VYAVSAY PRASHIKSHAN MARGDARSAH SANSTHA(AVPMK.ORG) give you a discount to the cash paid by you.

4. Protection Strategy

What sorts of data do we gather?


Any information that recognizes an individual either legitimately or in a roundabout way when other information is consolidated is viewed as close to home information. Name, Email ID, Wellbeing data, Sexual orientation, Versatile Number, Postal Location, and so on are on the whole types of individual information, which is gotten by the site when you Sign Up to get data about the items and administrations delivered on the site.

1. Area, use and gadget data can be gotten by the site when you surf our site.

2. Gadget data, for example, the equipment model, gadget IP address, programming, framework and form of the gadgets; will be gathered by the site when you utilize any gadget to get to the site.

3. Our site may likewise gather your information through input alternatives given to the understudies and different studies led on the site.

4. Exchange data, for example, charging name, charging address, installment strategy, and so on gave by the understudy while profiting any assistance or while buying any item from our site will be gathered. If it's not too much trouble note that the site NEVER collets your Charge/Mastercard subtleties, Expiry date, CVV, and so on.

 5. In different manners, data might be gathered through treats, which will help decide whether a specific client had visited the site on a past event and hence, spare and recall any inclinations that may have been set. Treats possibly used to monitor your present web-perusing meeting.

6. Treats may likewise be utilized by us to factually screen what number of individuals are utilizing our site and for what reason.

How would we utilize your data?

1. We utilize your own data to check your character, to get in touch with you, affirm your enlistment and improve items and administrations.

2. We utilize your contact data so as to send you SMS and Messages about your exchanges, advertising purposes and to educate you about our site patterns

3. Gadget data is gathered by us to ensure that your record is signed in a gadget which is trusted by you, this is to guarantee the security of your own data.

4. Your inputs assist us with improving and make your experience on our site better every day. Data gathered by means of inputs and studies will be utilized by our group to learn and comprehend the needs and needs of our shopper.

5. All data gathered by treats and different advancements assist us with recalling your inclinations and make a more customized understanding for our shoppers.

6. We may utilize the data gathered by us to research or address any cases for harms or questions identifying with your utilization of our administration. This data may likewise be as proof whenever required in any official request or any law related consequently.

When do we share data?

1. We share data with outsiders who perform administrations for our sake.

2. We may share data so as to consent to the law and to secure ourselves.

3. Your data might be shared by us for reasons not referenced in this protection strategy, yet before doing as such, detail data will be given to you no matter what.